2019 Canadian Youth Chess Championship



The Canadian Youth Chess Championship is Canada's largest youth chess event! 

The players are split into 12 sections based on age and gender. The top 3 finishers in each section are sponsored and qualified to become official representatives for:

1) World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC)

2) Pan American Youth Chess Championship

3) North American Youth Chess Championship

When and Where

July 6 - 10, 2019

Regina, SK

Venue: TBA


Players are sectioned by age and gender:

U8 - U10 - U12 - U14 - U16 - U18 boys and girls sections.

Entry Fee


+ $25 March 1, 2019

+ $25 June 1, 2019

Registration Closes June 15, 2018

$150 of  each entry is remitted back to the CFC to sponsor the winners of this event.

Please note that players must be qualified to play, see below.



July 6: 5PM - Opening Ceremony

July 7:  10AM Round 1, 3PM Round 2

July 8: 10AM Special Event, 3PM Round 3

July 9: 10AM Round 4, 3PM Round 5

July 10: 10AM Round 6, 3PM Round 7


Normally, CYCC participants qualify by placing better than half their peers in a qualifying tournament. However, there are other qualification methods. For questions, or if there are no upcoming qualifiers in your area, please contact us directly, queencitychess@gmail.com

The CFC official qualification rules can be found in their handbook, section 703, http://chess.ca/node/16

Refund Policy:

We offer a 100% refund (including ticket fees) before June 12, 2018. 50% refund available afterwards. You can refund your ticket through the eventbrite ticket vendor, or by emailing us.

Withdrawal / absent policy:

Absent players are forfeited one hour after round starts.

You must tell the arbiter 24 hours in advance if you plan to withdraw mid-tournament, or your next game will be rated as a forfeit.